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 Fantasy Football

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PostSubject: Fantasy Football   Fantasy Football Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2012 3:55 pm

Hey Battlefront'ers!

We have our Fantasy Football league again this year with a lot of returning owners.

I opened up 2 slots for anyone else that wants to play.

Lemme know by Saturday night if you want in to the league.

It's invitation-only so I will need a valid email address to register your name and team.
Make a new throw-away email address to use just for this game if you're paranoid. Paranoid
And just use your gamer-nickname to register, not your real name.
I used Boss as my first name, Player as my last name. That kind of thing. Wink

When I say 'Who's The Master?' you say Sho'Nuff!

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Fantasy Football
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