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 Water pistols and extreme long range sniping.

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PostSubject: Water pistols and extreme long range sniping.   Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:11 pm

Okay, first in order to do this, everyone needs to have a mic. The map will be Dagobah. Everyone must go to through the glitch in the wall and go to the pond near by. Water pistols is simply this.......... One person in the pond while everyone else lines up single file across the pond from them. The person in the pond says when they are ready, then the first person in line gets into the pond for a one on one pistols only battle. The rules are simple. No leaving the pond during the battle, no one else is allowed to kill the people in the pond. No secondary weapons either. That means no mines, no auto turrents, no grenades. There has to be at least two Engineers to only watch the battles also. If you get killed, spawn in and go to the back of the line. If you're low on health, you must get two kills in a row while in the pond before an engineer is allowed to give you health. Whoever holds the pond the longest, wins.

Extreme long range sniping is a little more difficult. Everyone should know where the map ends and you can just keep running forever and never hit the end on Dagobah. One person sits at the edge of this endless silver ground(where it begins). The other person goes as far away as it takes for no enemies to show up and so that each person only sees clouds and silver floor for miles while zoomed in with the sniper scope then both people say their ready on the mic and then proceed with the extreme long range sniper battle. (Yes it is pretty much shooting into the dark but it is possible and doable and I've tested this many times.) Same rule above for healing. Most extreme long range sniper kills wins.
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Water pistols and extreme long range sniping.
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