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 Map Rotation

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PostSubject: Map Rotation   Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:44 am

These are the maps currently running in the Arena (in order):

Map Mode Era
Death Star CTF Galactic Civil War
Tantive IV CTF Clone Wars
Coruscant CTF Galactic Civil War
Utapau Conquest Clone Wars
Mustafar Conquest Galactic Civil War
Mos Eisley CTF Clone Wars
Jabba's Palace CTF Galactic Civil War
Coruscant Conquest Clone Wars
Hoth Hunt Galactic Civil War

Death Star CTF Clone Wars
Tantive IV CTF Galactic Civil War
Coruscant CTF Clone Wars
Naboo Conquest Galactic Civil War
Mustafar CTF Clone Wars
Tantive IV Conquest Galactic Civil War
Utapau CTF Clone Wars
Death Star Conquest Galactic Civil War
Jabba's Palace Conquest Clone Wars
Endor CTF Galactic Civil War
Polis Massa Conquest Clone Wars

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Map Rotation
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