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 Specials vs Specials

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PostSubject: Specials vs Specials   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:37 pm

First off love them or hate them specials are part of the game! the game designers put them in because they are part of the starwars universe! the designers look like they balanced them as best they could and even tho you can kill a special with a reg class each special has a special that they matchup up against wich balances out each side!
for the most part these are the counter special matchups and this is just from my experience playing the game but i could be way off! lol

galactic civilwar is a little less balanced but still relatively even, and my favorite special the wookie is the best and most powerfull special in the game!

1. imperial officer vs wookie - the officer is like a reg class special but was given damage increase to help players and himself take on the wookies armor!

2. bothan vs imperial officer - the bothans invisibility can get him behind enemy lines and get the reconing officer giving out damage increase!

3. darktrooper vs bothan - the darkies electricity connects to multiple players which will find an invisible bothan and kill him in one shot!

4. wookie vs darktrooper - the wookie has the best armor in the game and can absorb multiple shocks from the darkie and the bow caster is a darkie killer!
the wookie is deadly he has the best armor in the game a mortar launcher,grenades,recon and the dual ability bowcaster with the even level spread shot with sniper capabilities! and if a wookie has the bonuses or "the glow" lol he is almost invincible! the imperial officer needs that damage increase and a whole squad to take him on lol

clonewars are a little more even

1. clone commander vs droideka - the infinite ammo chain gun was made to take down the shields of the droideka! on the other hand the droideka can stand up to the commanders chain gun and take him out with a few shots and rolling with the flag for a score happens enough to make the droideka a threat!

2. jet trooper vs magnaguard - the jet trooper has mobility to avoid the purple rocket barrage lol and 2 shots to take down the weak armor of the magnaguard! but the magnaguards poison can get the jet trooper even if he is flying and the purple rocket with a lock on can take him out when flying also! really great balance between these two!

remember its a game and specials are part of it! love or hate them they are going to stay! and i bet if swbf3 ever comes out they will be there also! hopefully the tweak the balance lol

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Specials vs Specials
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