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 Sho'Nuff, thanks for banning that glitcher!

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PostSubject: Sho'Nuff, thanks for banning that glitcher!   Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:50 pm

haha, just wanted to say thanks for banning COLEZILLA .. he was glitching in the deathstar as a sniper and it was really irritating the hell out of me.. no one that had a headset on was an admin, and my computer wasn't on so I thought he might get away with it. i just babysat him in the wall as he blindly shot at me and another team-mate.. FINALLY he decided to make a break for it before I gunned him down. luckily i don't think he killed any of my team-mates, i was just worried about our ammo droid! lol

so thanks, hopefully he won't do it again
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Sho'Nuff, thanks for banning that glitcher!
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