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** This is the Final Month of SWBFII online-multiplayer!! ** 

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 Arena Modifications

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PostSubject: Arena Modifications   Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:47 am

These are the mods added to enhance the game play.

  • Doors Unlocked on Death Star CTF
    The Doors for the tunnel between the two hangers (scoring bases) are Unlocked! This makes it so everyone (not just glitching droidekas) can get thru to each base to score the flag!
    And there's some good even fighting in that tunnel too. Grunt Rocket
    This is only for the Clone Wars version of Death Star. - credit: HughNC
    The Doors will remain Locked for Rebels vs. Empire CTF (old school).

  • Extra CP on Death Star Conquest
    The Command Post has been activated in the upstairs conference room near CP #6. It's actually an extra #5 and can be captured by either team but it's not needed to win. ex. The Empire could have all CPs except this one and the Rebel scum would still be able to spawn in at this CP with their Defeat timer going! - credit: SG-17

  • Polis Massa Space-Walk:
    Nobody dies when they go outside onto the asteroid's surface.
    (default was everyone died except droids)

  • Tanks Removed:
    Tanks have been removed from Polis Massa.
    They either lagged the server or they were just used to glitch.

  • Super Hoth:
    It's Capture the Flag mixed with Conquest!
    Several new Command Posts have been activated in key locations: a CP next to the Millennium Falcon that can be captured making a BIG difference in the battle! An Empire CP near the Shield Generator as well as the Generator itself that's already repaired - giving the Rebel scum a spawn point right near the Imperials at the start of the Battle! And the CP in the Control Room off to the side can be captured now as well. Plus, there's the green shields that you can put a mine on and still walk and shoot through! - credit: SG-17


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Arena Modifications
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